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Mac OS X There are several things which take quite some getting used to when switching from any platform to the Mac. There are things like the universal menubar, the dock, Expose, and many more. One of the things that often leads to confusion for new users is the installation process for applications. Mozilla developer Alexander Limi talks about the problems Mozilla runs into when it comes to Firefox' installation process on the Mac, and a possible solution. Update: A possible solution?
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RE[3]: Another Option
by Thom_Holwerda on Sat 19th Sep 2009 22:20 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Another Option"
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Simple question. Which is better and easier:

1) download disk image
-> it gets mounted automatically
2) move application into ~/Applications
3) unmount disk image
4) discard disk image


1) download zip file
-> it gets unzipped and deleted automatically
2) when launching the application for the first time, a dialog asks if you want it moved to the ~/Applications folder

The first method is as it is done now, and it poses problems for users - don't try to deny them, I see them all the time with the people I introduced to Macs (and I convert a lot of people).

The second method is Gruber's/my proposal. It has none of the problems described above, and still provides all the benefits Mac users are used to.

It's fighting against the tides anyway. More and more applications are now serving their applications in zip files, and in a few years, no one will use disk images anymore.

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