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Opera Software You all know that I don't particularly like Opera. I find the product to be lacking polish, over-complicated and without the marketing pizazz that has made Firefox a household name. That's just my personal opinion, and that opinion has garnered many complaints of unjustness. To that end, to present a fairer discussion I would like to put a simple question to the community: "What should Opera do?".
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RE: hmm
by gtada on Sun 20th Sep 2009 06:11 UTC in reply to "hmm"
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"So make it an browser and not 10 halfbacket tools."

Opera to me seems to be one of the best pachaged all in one style solutions I have ever seen, most end users I have shown Opera to tend to agree. Though one thing I do notice is that virually no one uses all the features, but it has something for everyone, and thats not a bad thing per say.

So they built the Edsel of browsers? ;) What one thing do they do better than any other browser?

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