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Privacy, Security, Encryption This week in Greece Peter Hustinx, the European Data Protection Supervisor shared the latest Eurobarometer (a series of surveys regularly performed on behalf of the European Commission) findings that show that 2/3 of European Union citizens are very concerned about the security and privacy of their information. The figures are even higher in Austria and Germany, with over 90% respondents sharing their concerns on these important topics. Countries like the United Kingdom do this kind of research on a yearly basis and the results show the same trend in awareness of data security and privacy issues.
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One big hysteria
by ThomasFuhringer on Mon 21st Sep 2009 08:24 UTC
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People cry wolf if their birthdate is stored somewhere and the next moment they voluntarily spread out all their personal history for everybody to see in privately run websites such as LinkedIn and Xing.

What you have is people living off of buzzwords like 'data protection' and kicking up a big fuss at every chance without explaining what exactly is the threat an honest man should be afraid of.

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