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Hardware, Embedded Systems There are several options out there if you wan to run Mac OS X on your non-Apple labelled computer, but one of them appears to be in serious trouble. It has been uncovered that the EFI-X module is nothing more than a USB stick with a DRM chip, with code from the hackintosh community on it - without attribution. On top of that, its firmware update utility uses LGPL code - again, without attribution.
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RE[4]: Comment by lurch_mojoff
by lurch_mojoff on Mon 21st Sep 2009 11:16 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by lurch_mojoff"
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A contract has to be agreed on, before a deal is done.
Later one-sided changes to a contract only are lawful, if the either the not-changing party benifits from this change, or if a change of laws demands this change.

I don't know how things are "in your country", but in general in the law around the world that is not true. In
most jurisdictions there is the legal concept of implicit agreement or implicit contract. If there wasn't, as I said in my comment above, things like software licenses would be completely void.

What is the agreed on contract when I go to the shop, and buy a OS-X CD?
Well, I agree that may use the OS-X CD as Software CDs usually are expected to be used: Install it, and use it, on one computer.

Even if we overlook the fact that you are not buying a CD but rather a license to use the software, and the CD is just a convenient medium thrown in the package, there is no inherent "[way software] usually [is] expected to be used". A good example for that is a volume license, say a "family pack", with which you also receive one CD, but you are given the permission to install the software and use it on up to a certain number of machines. And the thing that makes a "family pack" a "family pack" is the exact same software license, as detailed in the respective license agreement, that you say is bunk.

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