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Hardware, Embedded Systems There are several options out there if you wan to run Mac OS X on your non-Apple labelled computer, but one of them appears to be in serious trouble. It has been uncovered that the EFI-X module is nothing more than a USB stick with a DRM chip, with code from the hackintosh community on it - without attribution. On top of that, its firmware update utility uses LGPL code - again, without attribution.
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by andydread on Mon 21st Sep 2009 12:51 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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I find this rather ironic; the rabid Apple hating fanboys who jumped around like cheerleaders high on caffeine and chocolate thinking they're 'sticking it to the man' by supporting these group of scam-artists. Well, why are you guys surprised that these people turned out to be scam artists? these people who did this are the same sort of people who are tied up with the likes of Pystar, people so dishonest I'd sooner wish to ask for advice from my local second hand car dealer.

As for the person whining in the message above this post - Apple couldn't care less if you were, by yourself, installing it on a computer in the privacy of your own home; two companies had commercialised it on a large scale which put it beyond just a mere hobby or a group of people interested in tinkering; just as Microsoft is willing to allow things to slide when it comes to the end user installing a copy of Office on more than the number of licensed computers.

All this time spent getting it to work would be alot better spent, quite frankly, on contributing to GNOME to improve something that is free as in speech and beer; something that isn't beholden to a large corporation but to the aspirations of its user base. Image the time spent was focused on meeting the goals of GNOME 3.0 - imagine what could be accomplished.

Kind of reminds me of the billions wasted propping up the dying US car industry instead of investing in the new emerging energy efficient green car companies of silicon valley. Things never change unfortunately.

Please **note** that jailbreaking an Iphone is also violating Apple's EULA.
This is why I go to great lengths to advise my users and customers never to purchase any Apple products and to stay clear of them because they are one of the most draconian companies that exist in the IT world. They are WORSE than Microsoft in many many ways. I just advise people to stay away. Respect their EULAs and stay far far away from Apple. They maliciously brick phones etc. I point this out to ALL who ask "should I buy Apple this or that". The best way to respect the minefield they call a EULA is to avoid their products.

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