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In the News The commonwealth of Massachusetts has finalised its decision to standardise desktop applications on OpenDocument, a format not supported by Microsoft Office. State agencies in the executive branch are now supposed to migrate to OpenDocument-compliant applications by 1 January, 2007, a change that will affect about 50 000 desktop PCs. The reference model also confirms that Adobe's PDF format is considered an "open format".
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I believe .pdf is given exception because there's no more open standard which replaces its purpose

You sure?

DjVu is a truly open format that does the same as .pdf, but with far smaller filesizes.

But anyway, critizising any move that benefits OSS is a stupid thing to do. I should've known better.

Wow, two comments which are just pure trolls in the same article and I still can't mod you down.

It's a good thing that "OSN Staff" get to have special rules, isn't it?

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