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Apple "Apple's rejection of the Google Voice app for the iPhone went all the way to the top - the bad news was personally delivered to Google by none other than Apple's Senior VP of Worldwide Product Marketing, Phil Schiller. New details of the controversial decision came to light today when the FCC released an unredacted version of Google's own confidential letter to the agency. Google replied to a set of FCC questions about the Google Voice app rejection on August 21, but requested that the letter be kept private due to the 'sensitive nature of commercial discussion'. Interested parties immediately filed Freedom of Information Act requests to get at the juicy tidbits that might be found in such a letter; rather than fight the request, Google waived its confidentiality."
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RE[3]: Lying or sensationalism?
by jibadeeha on Mon 21st Sep 2009 14:56 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Lying or sensationalism?"
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Quite easily. "We know what you want, you don't; we're cool and hip, and if you don't like it, go f yourself."

That's been apple's mantra since an OS fit on a floppy.

That made me laugh .. couldn't have put it better myself ;)

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