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Hardware, Embedded Systems There are several options out there if you wan to run Mac OS X on your non-Apple labelled computer, but one of them appears to be in serious trouble. It has been uncovered that the EFI-X module is nothing more than a USB stick with a DRM chip, with code from the hackintosh community on it - without attribution. On top of that, its firmware update utility uses LGPL code - again, without attribution.
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I find it funny
by Bit_Rapist on Mon 21st Sep 2009 19:50 UTC
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So let me get this straight. The tools that are used to run OS X on any PC are GPL, the tools also (arguably of course) allow one to break the EULA for OS X. Now people are throwing a fit because a group of people are not 'honoring' the licensing terms of the tools which allow you to break the EULA of OS X ?

Also if these tools are GPL, all this company really needs to do is make the source code available and they would be compliant wouldn't they?

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