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Hardware, Embedded Systems There are several options out there if you wan to run Mac OS X on your non-Apple labelled computer, but one of them appears to be in serious trouble. It has been uncovered that the EFI-X module is nothing more than a USB stick with a DRM chip, with code from the hackintosh community on it - without attribution. On top of that, its firmware update utility uses LGPL code - again, without attribution.
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Question about EULAs
by Bit_Rapist on Mon 21st Sep 2009 19:55 UTC
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Another thing that makes me wonder... I see a lot of people post on these forums that EULAs are not legally binding.

Isn't the GPL a form of an EULA? Its basically the same thing. You didn't sign anything, like an EULA, its just a file sitting there with the terms that you may or may not read depending.

So if an EULA is not legally binding, what makes the GPL legally binding? Why would the GPL be binding, but an EULA be worthless to an end user?

Honest questions here. Dickheads need not reply ;)

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