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Legal The whole saga around the rejection of the official Google Voice client for the iPhone continues to play a prominent role on many websites. We all remember that the FCC had asked the three companies involved, AT&T, Google, and Apple, to answer a number of questions, but Google had censored a part of its letter. The censored section has now been published by Google.
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T-Mobile doesn't have excellent coverage in the US. It has excellent coverage in *many* places, but nowhere near as many as Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. They simply don't have licenses in as many areas as the other 3 do. But their network can be very good in the areas they do serve.

Their 3G network, while getting better, is still a joke anywhere outside city centers that they do choose to serve. They haven't built it out well enough yet to compete with AT&T, let alone Verizon and Sprint, who actually do happen to have so much more 3G coverage than AT&T that it's a joke.

Compare that to:

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