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Internet & Networking Julius Genachowski, Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission, today laid out plans to enforce net neutrality upon the internet. While the FCC is a US-only entity, fact of the matter is that "control" over the internet lies within the US, so whatever the FCC decides, it will affect the rest of the world.
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by SReilly on Tue 22nd Sep 2009 03:27 UTC in reply to "Comment by re_re"
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I really don't see how an unregulated marked could ever work. Frankly, any time I've seen them in action, all you ever get is price fixing until either the bubble bursts, taking all and sunder with it, or the government steps in and forces some sanity on the situation.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think the government gets it right all the time. In fact, I'd say they often get it wrong but I'd rather have bureaucrats looking after their own interests than greedy corporations.

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