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Apple We all have our most favored machines of yesteryear; in this I assume that most people are like me, anyway. Breaking away from the mundane every-day news of boring (I jest) new technologies such as touchscreens the size of a wall and upcoming operating systems that support graphics cards with 1.5 GB of vRAM, take a walk down memory lane-- or "Neurological Alley" as I like to call it-- and take a look inside, outside, and in all of the nooks and crannies in between the circuits of the Macintosh Plus and its accompanying System 6, fresh from the splendor of 1986.
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Very well done
by fretinator on Tue 22nd Sep 2009 19:11 UTC
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This is a very well-done article. Besides just facts, it allowed me to "feel" the experience of the Mac Plus.

I sometimes reminisce about my first computer - the TI 99/4A. While the PC was an 8-bit, monochrome, speaker-beeping machine, my TI had a 16-bit processor, 3-voice sound and beautiful color. It still pains me to think that a company as integral to the nascent personal computer revolution as Texas Instruments managed to die on the PC vine. I still believe the home computer world would have been vastly more colorful and user-friendly had TI or Commodore won those early wars against the boring, gray PC. Oh well, I'm old, I better get over it!

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