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Intel The Intel Developer Forum is currently in full swing, but it kicked off with a speech by Intel CEO Paul Otellini. Well, there's bad news for those of us who long for a time where lots of different architectures compete with one another, ensuring that technology is moved forward. Otellini's plans for Intel basically come down to one thing: x86 everywhere.
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The ONLY reason x86 is where it is, is because of Windows. The ONLY reason the Windows world is x86 only is because it's a closed world.

You have open software on open operating systems, and the whole thing can be ported. You have software repositories and people don't even have to know their processor architecture.

So ARM can go where Linux can go. So ARM smartbook and by the looks of it, ARM servers. I won't be surprised to see the return of the ARM desktop, if the desktop still matters..... I think the laptop is taking much of its market, and I bet if ARM smartbooks work, full ARM laptops won't be far behind.

This isn't RISC vs CISC, ARM has quite a number of instructions now, and most x86 have RISC like micro code, but ARM gets much better performance per watt because of its RISC roots. But ARM is more than just RISC rooted, you could argue ARM vs RISC.

I would like to see the death of x86 in hardware, but I don't want an ARM monopoly either. I want competing hardware standards.

In a world freed from closed software, hardware is much less fixed. We all win. As a bonus, portable software tends to be better software as bugs have less places to hide.

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