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Hardware, Embedded Systems We have a new chapter in the Palm Pre and iTunes saga. We all remember that the Pre could sync with iTunes, but that Apple wasn't particularly keen on this. The Cupertino company issued an iTunes which intentionally broke Pre syncing, but Palm retorted by re-enabling it not long after. Palm also sent a complaint to the USB Implementers Forum about Apple's behaviour, but the USB-IF squarely sides with Apple.
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Why do you have to use an iPod or other Apple product to play music from the iTunes store? Apple has removed the DRM from all iTunes music, any player that can play MP4/AAC (most of them on the market) can play iTunes music files now. However, I agree with the rest of your point and the restriction still applies to all other things purchased from the iTunes store such as videos and audiobooks (blame the movie industry and Amazon for those restrictions still being imposed).

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