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General Development Can computers win the Turing Test? Imagine a day when a machine will say, "Move over Turing! You can no longer consider machines to be less smart than humans! After all, we can think too. We do all the thinking and processing and you take all the credit, just because you are our creator! ". That would be an awkward and exciting situation. To be honest, there is a valid argument here in this imaginary conversation. As naive as it may sound for now, let me assure you that such a scenario is not far away. Applications are becoming more and more logic-oriented and increasingly intelligent.
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we aren't even close
by Bit_Rapist on Wed 23rd Sep 2009 17:02 UTC
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WE aren't even close to producing artificial intelligence.

Computers *appear* to be smart, but really they are only capable of solving logical problems using a base set of parameters that we give them. Even if a piece of software is able to 'predict' something, its only because we programmed in the variables which were used to make the prediction.

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