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Hardware, Embedded Systems We have a new chapter in the Palm Pre and iTunes saga. We all remember that the Pre could sync with iTunes, but that Apple wasn't particularly keen on this. The Cupertino company issued an iTunes which intentionally broke Pre syncing, but Palm retorted by re-enabling it not long after. Palm also sent a complaint to the USB Implementers Forum about Apple's behaviour, but the USB-IF squarely sides with Apple.
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RE[2]: seems like the right ruling
by phoudoin on Wed 23rd Sep 2009 17:35 UTC in reply to "RE: seems like the right ruling"
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The whole of the Apple product design philosophy is based on tying hardware design very closely to software design so as to produce an unusually seamless experience for the user.

In your dream.
The whole of the Apple product design philosophy is on tying software with hardware (not the reverse) to sell *their* hardware.

There is numerous examples when end user experience was not as *unsually seamless* as they would expect from Apple.

I sometimes work under or develop for Mac OS X, but that the two reasons why I never bought myself any product from Apple.

The third one is Apple $1 = 1 euro policy. Same reason why I don't buy Nintendo products, too. Hello guys, if I could read currency trading table, you guys could too!...

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