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Google Google Chrome Frame is an open-source plugin that adds HTML5, Canvas, a fast JavaScript engine and more to Internet Explorer; in fact it just swaps out Trident with Webkit! Developers can opt-in to the feature on their sites via a meta-tag / HTTP-header and prompt users to install Google Chrome Frame if they don't have it. Update: Correction, they don't support the HTTP Header.
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I take issue with the Microsoft loving powers that be statement. As a network administrator for a business I'm not a Microsoft loving person (more like hating), but as it stands many of the Government websites we have to use are IE only. I also have an internal program that requires IE. The program itself is really good, but the IE requirement sucks and I've told them that much.

Another factor for us corporate types is that we like to control the entire network from our desktop. I can do this with IE and to some extent Firefox. Not something I see from many of the other browsers. Well not technically from Mozilla. It's a third party that does that.

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