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Hardware, Embedded Systems We have a new chapter in the Palm Pre and iTunes saga. We all remember that the Pre could sync with iTunes, but that Apple wasn't particularly keen on this. The Cupertino company issued an iTunes which intentionally broke Pre syncing, but Palm retorted by re-enabling it not long after. Palm also sent a complaint to the USB Implementers Forum about Apple's behaviour, but the USB-IF squarely sides with Apple.
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RE[2]: For Thom H.
by andrewg on Wed 23rd Sep 2009 21:35 UTC in reply to "RE: For Thom H."
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I don't know if Rubenstein did lose. He may have achieved exactly what he set out to do. More people including journalists are made aware of Apple's closed freedom limiting mentality. Even if it is a small share of actual people who may someday choose between a Pre and an iPhone it is still a win.

And I am sure in a few months they will have their own app that can sync so the fact they can't sync right now won't be an issue then. They'll even be a feature on their feature list.

I don't see how he in lost in anything relevant to the companies success.

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