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Intel The Intel Developer Forum is currently in full swing, but it kicked off with a speech by Intel CEO Paul Otellini. Well, there's bad news for those of us who long for a time where lots of different architectures compete with one another, ensuring that technology is moved forward. Otellini's plans for Intel basically come down to one thing: x86 everywhere.
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RE: It's not the best but....
by jabjoe on Thu 24th Sep 2009 08:07 UTC in reply to "It's not the best but...."
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Which is why free software is such a game changer. Everything can be ported.

It's why ARM smartbooks will be really interesting, free software has reached the point it can offer an easy to use solid complete platform. If Windows compatibility doesn't matter (and it doesn't to me), you are free to use whatever processor does the job best. When power requirements count, you can't fault ARM.

The economies of scale apply already to ARM chips as they are so common. It's not a cold start.

Very interesting to watch what happens.

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