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Microsoft While half the world is waiting for Apple's take on the tablet - pretty much guaranteed to arrive somewhere next year - Microsoft has come out with a very interesting new take on the tablet, the Courier. It's a dual-touchscreen device, shaped like a book, and is in the late prototype stage of development.
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Who shives a git! Sure it looks sleak and neat, but Microsoft's track record the last 8 years is horrible. They talk talk talk and what comes out at the other end is garbage (Vista, etc)...

I wish Microsoft would just focus, keep things private and then come out with a product that I can actually touch, and play with.

Case in point netbooks. I just got my first one, and it had no OS. I could have installed Windows 7 or XP, but I decided to be adventurous. So I installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix. WOW! Seriously impressive! Exactly what I expected from a netbook OS.

Therein lies the problem. Instead of actually making things today work well, they keep blowing smoke. So until I see this new gadget in the hands of a store clerk I ignore it!

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