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Google Google Chrome Frame is an open-source plugin that adds HTML5, Canvas, a fast JavaScript engine and more to Internet Explorer; in fact it just swaps out Trident with Webkit! Developers can opt-in to the feature on their sites via a meta-tag / HTTP-header and prompt users to install Google Chrome Frame if they don't have it. Update: Correction, they don't support the HTTP Header.
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I've never worked at a place where management told me I had to run Microsoft products. Probably because when they start I just tell them that if they would prefer to do my job I will simply step aside and let them.

Now that said I'm also not one of these idiots who tell grumbles and complains every time Microsoft is mentioned. I do whats best to suit the needs of the business I work for. I leave my personal feelings and agendas at the door.

Just for the record I don't take offense at what you said. I merely wanted to give another side because even my experience isn't shared by all.

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