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Mono Project If you don't like personal, blog-style reporting, you might want to skip this item. A few days ago, during a speech at Software Freedom Day in Boston, Richard Stallman has, at least in my book, crossed a line that I thought he would never cross.
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RE: Traitor
by azior on Thu 24th Sep 2009 16:02 UTC in reply to "Traitor"
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So RMS's claim is that Miguel De Icaza was once a great hero to the Free Software movement, but now is working against it.


Not sure though if I completely agree with RMS, but he has also been the first to see actions or opinions that could undermine the freedoms he aspires.

The Mono debate is an example: I believe RMS's opinion was the following: Mono itself is a great open source tool to work with C#, but the language is controlled by Microsoft. So why use Mono for your FOSS-project?

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