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Mono Project If you don't like personal, blog-style reporting, you might want to skip this item. A few days ago, during a speech at Software Freedom Day in Boston, Richard Stallman has, at least in my book, crossed a line that I thought he would never cross.
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He is a purist, and his opinions are out there. However, I give the man his due... and to this day EMACS and GCC for example are pretty usable, and have a big deal of quality to them. I can not say the same for the convoluted mess that GNOME is, and don't get me started with mono. So maybe these projects would also benefit from their very own "purists" to at least give them some sort of direction.

A lot of people think that the main problem with FOSS is that they are copying other people's technologies. I beg to differ, the main problem with FOSS is their piss poor quality and lack of consistency/standardization, mainly due to the lack of actual strong leadership/vision.

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