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Linux At the recent Linuxcon Conference in Portland, Oregon, there were hints of new Moblin-powered hardware being announced at the upcoming Intel Developer Forum. Normally, this would be moderately interesting news, but some of the ambitious comments made by Linux luminaries at Linuxcon merit further examination. People from the Linux Foundation, Intel, and IBM spoke at the conference, and it's evident that they see the netbook market as the epicenter of the movement to raise Linux's profile in the consumer space, and whittle away marketshare from Windows. Update: Intel has also announced Moblin 2.1 for phones.
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Intel based OS? About time!
by rgathright on Thu 24th Sep 2009 16:57 UTC
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Intel is poised to steal a major portion of market share if they can continue to offer their OS in the face of Windows 7.

I hope that the system's development community will get SSE3 optimized compilations of this OS to increase the speed and efficiency of netbooks.

My ASUS 1005HA netbook is fast, but Windows XP Home is slowing it down.

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