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Gnome Today, the GNOME team has released GNOME 2.28. It builds on the solid foundation laid out by all the previous releases, and adds in a number of new features and improvements, on top of all the bug fixes and performance improvements, of course.
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"But I am more worried about Gnome 3.0
I think 6 month is far too short period for a new major release... If they release 3.0 in 6 month ...

Next release is 2.30 not 3.0

You are wrong, to quote gnome
"The final decision whether GNOME 2.30 (to be released in March 2010) or GNOME 2.32 (scheduled for September 2010) will become GNOME 3.0 will be made in early November 2009. This decision will be based on the progress of new and current GNOME applications and libraries and their impact on accessibility, stability and usability."

Gnome has said that probably 2.30 or maybe 2.32 is to be Gnome 3.0.

But what I really said was that a 6 month is a far too short period to develop a major version, not that Gnome 3.0 would be released in 6 month, which I strongly doubt.

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