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Mono Project If you don't like personal, blog-style reporting, you might want to skip this item. A few days ago, during a speech at Software Freedom Day in Boston, Richard Stallman has, at least in my book, crossed a line that I thought he would never cross.
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But a completely white world MIGHT BE NOT DESIRABLE. Trying to impose the view that it just has to be white is what makes RMS such a laughable and obnoxious character.

How delightful to see a bit of linguistic licence in use to make someone seem "obnoxious": let's use loaded terms like "black" and "white" and then project "completely white" onto someone's views. Lovely! I suppose it's a bit like sitting in on editorial meetings at Fox News.

Who does he think he is to impose his ethic values to the rest of the world? And resorting to name calling against people who don't share his view... How sad. Apparently free software does not align with freedom of thought.

Impose?! Richard Stallman *imposes* his values and Microsoft, I suppose, does not? Please adjust your perception of reality: millions of devices are shipped every year with what Microsoft believes you should be using.

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