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Internet Explorer Earlier this week, Google launched Chrome Frame, a plugin for Internet Explorer 6/7/8 which replaces the Trident rendering engine with Chrome's rendering and JavaScript engine for better performance and superior standards compliance. Microsoft has responded to this release, claiming it makes Internet Explorer less secure. Note: What database category do I put this in? Internet Explorer? Google? Choices, choices!
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RE[3]: Comment by Kroc
by umccullough on Fri 25th Sep 2009 00:34 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Kroc"
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Even though this plug-in has obvious benefit to some it is going to allow a lot of el cheap-o companies to extend the life of their Windows 2000 workstations.

Which they could have done anyway by installing another browser such as Firefox, etc.... so you need to narrow your statement further:

It will allow *users* in el-cheapo companies moronic companies that demand usage of only an outdated version of IE browser to finally view the modern internet.

These same companies could allow dual-browsers, or could upgrade IE for their users, but they choose not to for some reason... and now Google has provided another option for them to consider.

And what's wrong with Windows 2000? If placed behind a firewall (for security reasons), it's still a perfectly usable OS that still runs most modern windows software without problems.

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