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Linux Systemtap 1.0 has been released. There are a few features for this release, like experimental support for unprivileged users, cross-compiling for foreign architectures, matching C++ class and namespace scopes, reduced runtime memory consumption, but more importantly, this release means that Systemtap is finally considered stable and ready for user adoption.
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RE[4]: DTrace copy cat
by Robert Escue on Fri 25th Sep 2009 19:17 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: DTrace copy cat"
Robert Escue
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My "innovation standard" as you put it is based on features that my customers and I want in an OS. If those features are not being developed then why should I use the OS? For an OS to be touted as "enterprise ready", I expect enterprise features and not just a lot of pretty marketing speak. I don't care about desktop eye candy and support for the latest USB wireless card since those features are shut off as part of our lockdown. This is the difference between desktop and enterprise computing, people like me are looking for the "cool tech" because it helps us give customers what they want and makes life easier for us.

Based on my experience I have had no issues with ZFS, sorry to hear about your problems.

Getting a bit defensive aren't you?

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