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Legal In France, the GPL has scored yet another major win in court. What makes this infringements case special is that it was filed not by the developers of the infringed-upon code, but by users, demonstrating that they, too, can successfully enforce the GPL. Since I noted on a few threads here on OSNews that a lot of people still fail to grasp the difference between an open source license and an EULA, I figured I'd take this opportunity to explain the difference one more time - using hand-crafted diagrams!
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People will go to almost any intellectual contortions to try to argue that Apple has a copyright case, and this is just wrong, and stupid with it.

Where does the Blizzard/Glider case fit into this picture?

According to this decision, the court decided that EULAs are binding and breaking the terms of the EULA results in a copyright volation according to the DMCA in the US.

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