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Bugs & Viruses A non-OSNews-reader asks: "I've got 5 PCs that I'm trying to use to train disadvantaged young people. The problem is they are riddled with viruses and a firewall blocks me from updating them. The people in charge of maintaining the PCs won't fix them or give me the admin password (Win XP) to let me install a new or updated antivirus. The centre is being shut down in a few months. If they were working, I could still do a lot with them, so I've been looking for a good online virus scan - but they all try to download a little .exe onto your PC first, and the settings on the PCs won't allow that. Suggestions? Solutions? Links?" Read on for our recommendation. Update: It appears that this question is part of an elaborate email scam designed to propagate malware. See here for details.
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RE[5]: Argh.
by Jokel on Sun 27th Sep 2009 06:42 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Argh."
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It was a large organization with more then 5000 workers. The IT structure was organized in separate departments. The workers in each department had just enough rights to do their job. Software was installed by using Tivoli. The department where he was working was a hardware install- and maintainance group. He has local administrator rights, and rights to install a basic software suite. The more specialised software was installed using Tivoli by the software group. You also had a network group and a server- and administrator group. Also there was a security group that controlled accounts and rights.

If you have ever worked in a big organisation you know all these groups are in competition with each other. Layered between those group is a management group that coordinates the whole bunch. Needless to say the management group flourish when the competition between groups is high.

The guy I was talking about was brand new and did not understand a bit of the the politics that was playing between groups, and groups and management. I agree it was stupid to ignore this, and he never made that mistake again. But hey... It was hist first job in this field hmm?

By the way - this was around the year 2000. The y2k fear was on the highest level, and they would hire anyone who knows a computer has a qwerty keyboard (and give anyone who know somebody to hire a fat bonus if he would get him "on board").

Things have very much changed after this time....

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