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OSNews, Generic OSes We didn't have a Week in Review last week, and I'm sorry for that - I was swamped with other things (hence no podcast either last week, we did record one today). This past week saw news items on a wide variety of topics, ranging from Google fixing Internet Explorer to Linus calling Linux bloated.
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RE: Linux and bloat.
by cb88 on Sun 27th Sep 2009 21:43 UTC in reply to "Linux and bloat."
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Nobody is forcing you to support i386 and doesn't and the support in the source code doesn't cost you either.

And as far as that goes many if not most distros are compiling for i686 these days. And as far as supporting old hardware what is the problem people if you aren't using the driver it isn't getting loaded in as a module and so doesn't matter it isn't affecting your system at all. Old code gets culled because nobody is around to support it and it gets crufty as they say if somebody knows how it works cleans it up and gets it working they have no reason to throw it out.

The real bloat I think he is complaining about is lack of code reuse and inefficient/poor coding. Sure you keep adding features to your kernel it will get a bit bigger that is expected however it shouldn't be getting slower.

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