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Gnome Today, the GNOME team has released GNOME 2.28. It builds on the solid foundation laid out by all the previous releases, and adds in a number of new features and improvements, on top of all the bug fixes and performance improvements, of course.
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If 3.0 is all about taking 2.30 (or 2.32) and calling it 3.0, what is the point? It's just the name? For marketing?

Just curious what there motivation is for a major version number jump when it could just as easily be 2.30. "They don't do major disruptive jumps like KDE" is fine, but again, if it isn't a major jump, why the major version number change?

3.0 will remove deprecated functionality from the 2.x series, thus breaking backward compatibility. One motivation of this is to enable future developments which are not possible within the old 2.x infrastructure.

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