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Apple If you have Apple's QuickTime media player and/or iTunes installed on your Windows machine, you might want to keep an eye on apple's Software Update tool. Apple is once again using the update tool to push unwanted software onto users' machines without asking for permission.
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RE[4]: what?
by darknexus on Mon 28th Sep 2009 18:57 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: what?"
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I hate to say this - I know it will probably annoy some people here - but if you don't like crapware why don't you just get a Mac and relax?

Well, I can't argue with that logic. I, personally, find the Mac user experience to be the best of the modern-day systems. NOt everyone likes the Mac, however, and given Apple's ridiculous international pricing schemes, many can't justify the cost. Here, in the U.S, the price differential really isn't all that bad and for me, at least, it's worth it as I really do like the Macintosh. I think if Apple were to get their act together concerning international pricing we'd see market share going up in other places as well as the states, but sadly they seem to think just changing a dollar sign to (insert currency of choice here) and leaving the number the same makes a good global pricing scheme. I think some others here are right: they're so focused on the product side of things that they're lacking a bit on the business and administrative side.

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