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Apple If you have Apple's QuickTime media player and/or iTunes installed on your Windows machine, you might want to keep an eye on apple's Software Update tool. Apple is once again using the update tool to push unwanted software onto users' machines without asking for permission.
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Damned if you do or don't
by cmost on Mon 28th Sep 2009 19:58 UTC
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...and when Apple fails to offer tools in an easy intuitive fashion as it has by offering this software, regardless of how esoteric, via its update utility, then users bitch and moan about having to delve into Apple's web site to hunt around for a download link for such tools. Some people are never happy. It's not Apple's fault that people don't read before they click, nor is it hard for users to untick a check-box or otherwise decline software (decline the EULA for example) they don't want or won't use. So called "drive by" software installations are common fare on Windows these days so nobody should be surprised that Apple, too, is taking advantage of the stupidity (and laziness) of many computer users who click first and ask questions later. This is a non-issue for anyone with an ounce of common sense.

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