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Podcasts In that order. There was no show last week due to Thom being busy with work so we had two weeks of news to catch up on. Obviously, Haiku has to be mentioned once more and we are joined by Mike Ferland, an OSnews follower, halfway through the show.
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Someone mentioned in some part, that some web pages won't show properly when using the iPhone, especially the UI.
This is not necessarily the browser's fault. The fault might be in the site's developers/designers, who have just decided to ignore mobile users.Which can be understood if the expected useramount is small.

Atleast what experience I have as a some sort of designer of websites, that you can do separate stylesheets or designs depending on what type of device the user is currently using. Therefore the developers should either build their sites so, that they are easily viewable on any device (which can set limitations to the site's appearance) with the default stylesheet, or then build separate stylesheets for mobile and computer users.

This should not be a huge bother, since designers are used to have to build separate stylesheets even for IE and Firefox also(which sucks by the way. Why can't we have standards in these sort of things? :/ ).

Its my only one gripe with the iPhone really, i think everything else works pretty well out of the box. however, i notice most websites are not very iphone friendly. but then again maybe what it could be is the ipone's browser isnt very internet friendly... i wish mozilla would release FF for the iphone or even google making Chrome for the ipone would be sweet.

Alas, it ultimately is the webmaster's responsibility to ensure their websites work on these browsers.

but hell i wont blame them for not making it iphone compatible.

Dr. D

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