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Internet & Networking As you all undoubtedly know, the European Union and Microsoft are trying to work out some sort of a settlement regarding the Internet Explorer case. Microsoft made a very detailed proposal for a browser ballot screen earlier this year, and the EU was relatively satisfied. Now, various browser makers have told Reuters that they are not satisfied with Microsoft's proposal.
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by Ultimatebadass on Tue 29th Sep 2009 14:17 UTC
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Oh man, they don't give up do they?

Yes, Opera, a huge banner on the screen and a 5 minute "educational" video promoting your erm ALTERNATIVE browser will SURELY help you increase your market share... oops i mean provide a choice for the user.

This whole thing is retarded, and their constant bitching and moaning over the matter is only going to get them less and less users. If this thing comes through, each time i'll see the damn window after installing next-whatever windows version i'll be reminded who I have to THANK for wasting my time.

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