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Microsoft In part three of TechCrunch's interview with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, they discuss web browsers. Ballmer calls Chrome and Safari marketshare numbers a "rounding error," and takes note of the fact that Google is going to be calling both its OS and browser "Chrome," pointing out that in this modern era, "the notion of operating systems being independent of internet access and internet ability to render important things in the internet is kind of not a sensible concept." In other words, he thinks it's unfair to persecute Microsoft for tying IE to Windows. He discusses Firefox, and rags on Google's OS strategy, and finished up on an evaluation of the Netbook/MID market and how Microsoft intends to compete there.
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by Moulinneuf on Tue 29th Sep 2009 21:28 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: ..."
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Monopolies are illegal, unless government mandated.

Dominating company are not a problem, at least you have some real competition.

Microsoft as a clear history of criminal and illegal activity that blocked any competition. Apple make it's own hardware and is not there main competitor, GNU/Linux is, even Steve Ballmer admit to that.

It's like saying Toyota is fearing porsche , witch is a niche automaker most people can't afford the entry models of.

But I got to give you the incompetent competitor parts , BSD , BEOS , OS/2 and countless other OS where really incompetent in there marketing and distribution. Even GNU/Linux on the desktop.

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