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Google Building custom ROM images for popular phones is a relatively common thing on the internet. There are a number of forums dedicated to hacking and creating custom Windows Mobile ROMs, and there's also a community of people working on custom Android ROMs. The latter community has been up in arms over the fact that Google has sent a cease and desist letter to one of the most popular ROM hackers.
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So, what's the problem?
by gogothebee on Tue 29th Sep 2009 22:29 UTC
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If Google's problem is in their bundled apps, nothing stops the guy to release a new ROM without those apps. Advanced users will install them very easy if they need them. Unfortunately if Google doesn't like the process of making a custom ROM itself, this might be a problem. I use a custom ROM on my Windows Mobile handset and I love it. If one day I have an Android based device, I would definitely use a custom one - they are IMHO always better.

Big vendors never care too much about the details, performance or anything in particular - they produce "good enough for everyone" image, which doesn't fit the most advanced users. As somebody pointed out - those 2% are nothing.

...and Thom, I really like your style - I just imagined how my device "blows up in puffs of fairy dust" ;)

Edit: I just saw the original article as well as the blog post. Google doesn't want their apps inside. Modding is permitted. So - build a ROM without their "Google Experience" apps. Problem solved ;)

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