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Microsoft It seems like Microsoft Research is really busy these days with research operating systems. We had Singularity, a microkernel operating system written in managed code, and late last week we were acquainted with Barrelfish, a "multikernel" system which treats a multicore system as a network of independent cores, using ideas from distributed systems. Now, we have a third contestant, and it's called Helios.
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@dragSidious: Very nicely described. I was also thinking about win modems and how increasingly even expansion cards offload processing onto CPUs. Also in the past you used to have separate math co-processors but these days they are all built into the CPU. So things have been heading in this direction for quite a while now.

But I still think integrating the GPU into the CPU will take a lot of time. Intel doesn't seem to be as good at making GPUs as it is at CPUs. So the likes of Nvidia and ATI will have the edge for many years to come.

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