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Apple If you have Apple's QuickTime media player and/or iTunes installed on your Windows machine, you might want to keep an eye on apple's Software Update tool. Apple is once again using the update tool to push unwanted software onto users' machines without asking for permission.
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RE: Simple solution ...
by kaiwai on Wed 30th Sep 2009 02:18 UTC in reply to "Simple solution ..."
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Just don't install Apple products on your machine - problem solved. If you need Quicktime, use QTLite instead. As for iTunes, I dunno... try Media Monkey?

These 'updaters' are getting to be out of hand. They reek of malware, but legitimate companies are using them. The one from Adobe is the WORST.

Perhaps this wouldn't be an issue if Microsoft would build a '3rd party software' option into their Windows updater, so people could get all of their updates in one place. Then, there wouldn't be an excuse for 9 million different programs to install their 'helper' apps in the system tray. Linux figured this one out over a decade ago. WTF is taking MS so long?

Or what you could do is actually decide not to install it!

I want someone here to show me where Apple is forcing you to install this update - come on all you Apple haters, provide proof to me that Apple forcing you to install this update. Either put up or shut up.

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