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Google Building custom ROM images for popular phones is a relatively common thing on the internet. There are a number of forums dedicated to hacking and creating custom Windows Mobile ROMs, and there's also a community of people working on custom Android ROMs. The latter community has been up in arms over the fact that Google has sent a cease and desist letter to one of the most popular ROM hackers.
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RE[2]: Well...
by stanbr on Wed 30th Sep 2009 11:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Well..."
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>> I'm sure Google would have absolutely zero issues with an individual packaging replacement software with identical functionality.

Yes, and no... at the same time.
I'm a G1 owner and I use the Cyagonen image. To be able to use it, I had to hack the phone... downgrade it, exploit a bug and install the new image. That SUCKS. I could do the same with the dev edition without hacking it, but I can't buy it from my country.
But... why the hell I need a different image? Well... because google's image is intensionally crippled... no Thetering? No file transferring bluetooth? No fricking download of non-android files (try to download a .zip file just so you can copy it to a internet-less computer later)...
Google should never ever accept this from HTC/T-Mobile/Whatever....... That was the main advantage of open-source: things are made to help the user, not to be in his way. I hope Palm and Nokia don't do the same...

Too bad the OpenMoko project was not a success.

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