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Legal A very simple question for you. How often have you resold software that you legally purchased? Often enough, right? Well, if it's up to Autodesk, the company behind AutoCAD, you will no longer be allowed to resell your software. Update: As it turns out, the matter has already been resolved: Autodesk lost. A win for all of us.
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Apple-Psystar is different though.
by NathanHill on Wed 30th Sep 2009 17:06 UTC
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Cause, Apple would lose if Psystar was just buying copies of Leopard and selling them to customers. Weird business model too, unless you got some kind of bulk deal. Or if Apple tried to stop Psystar from selling used Macs with system disks and all.

The Apple-Psystar is already much more complicated, involving hardware, third party software used to install Leopard, copyright/trademark questions, modification to software, and so on. I just don't see the similarity.

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