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Apple If you have Apple's QuickTime media player and/or iTunes installed on your Windows machine, you might want to keep an eye on apple's Software Update tool. Apple is once again using the update tool to push unwanted software onto users' machines without asking for permission.
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It's mostly garbage on the Windows side to begin with, it always looks completely out of place compared to everything else, and they always want to shove more of their trash down your throat in the form of "updates." Unfortunately, QuickTime can't be avoided, but at least QT Lite gives you *just* the codecs, without the player or "updater" crap.

I'm surprised that Apple hasn't let their "attack lawyers" loose on the people behind QT Lite. Maybe they're embarrassed that even a cobbled-together hack works better than their "official" Windows offerings - so they ignore QT Lite because they're afraid to acknowledge how crap-tastic their own software is.

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