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General Development Some of the kids over at Georgia Tech have recently unveiled a development that takes realtime information from varied sources such as CCTV cameras and motion detectors and layers it on to Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth. The result? The ability to watch things happen as they happen anywhere in the world (well-- not quite anywhere just yet, but that's the idea). While this undoubtedly reeks of "awesome," the mind of a suspicious citizen of the 21st century automatically jumps to a future Orwellian land of Big Brothers who are this time running professional versions of Google Earth in dark offices atop mile-high, tinted-window skyscrapers.
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Vital testing apparatus destroyed
by Buck on Thu 1st Oct 2009 09:49 UTC
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Doesn't sound all that exciting. All that they're doing is using surveillance cameras to somehow extrapolate things. Nothing anyone should really worry about since the cameras are already in place and anyone can see the footage.
It would be cooler if there was a specialized network of sensors operating in both visible light and infrared that could totally map a certain area, in 3D.

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