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Windows Windows 7 will be released October 22, and the pricing information for both the full and upgrade versions have been known for a while. However, as most of us geeks will know, there's a third variant you can buy, apart from upgrades and full versions: OEM or system builder releases. NewEgg has leaked the pricing information for these releases too.
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by mfarmilo on Thu 1st Oct 2009 10:02 UTC in reply to "good to"
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know how mutch i have to pay in microsoft tax on a new laptop

Incorrect. The prices in the article are nothing like the cost that's included in that new laptop, as the writer does in fact say. The big manufacturers have royalty oems which work slightly different to regular oem copies. The price they pay per license is a lot less than these, though you and I will never find out just how much that is.

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