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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless AdMob has released their latest set of figures regarding the usage shares of various mobile platforms when it comes to web browsing. The figures are pretty clear: the big winners are the new kids on the block, iPhoneOS, Android, and webOS.
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Windows Mobile figures
by gogothebee on Thu 1st Oct 2009 13:09 UTC
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I highly doubt Windows Mobile figures. Granted - Symbian is bigger, but I don't really see Android or iPhone or Palm or Blackberry outnumbering Windows Mobile devices, at least in Bulgaria. Here Symbian and WM have the biggest share. May be in the USA or other European countries the picture is different, but at least here Windows Mobile has a very strong market share. And don't get me even started on how many applications exist for all other platforms. Well, iPhone seems to be catching up and Symbian is about the same, but Palm, Android, Blackberry? I don't think so.

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