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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu We reported earlier on a blog post entitled "Ubuntu Report Card (2009)" where the author detailed how they felt the Ubuntu experience had improved over the years. In a follow-up series of articles looking at the future, Tanner Helland has written 10 different broadly-scoped feature requests that [he] 'and many others would like to see by the time Ubuntu 10.10 rolls around'.
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I cannot stress how true that is. foobar2000 in WINE is the best audio player on linux and it's not even remotely close. And that's even with the typical WINE bugs such as non-perfect unicode support and menus not working perfectly.

1) Custom title formatting. No more having to write false information in tags (or omitting tags altogether) to get your player to display the information you care about. Just write semantically correct information and a small function that takes the dictionary of metadata and returns a string and you have nice titles in your playlist.

2) Support for APEv2 tags on MP3 files! This is related to 1) in that you just can't do proper semantic metadata with ID3v(1|2). Those ancient tags formats need to die a horrible death ASAP. They are (partly) responsible for why we have so many stupid audio players (pretty much everything that is not foobar2000 actually) that assume that all you ever care about is Artist, Album and Title.

3) It uses a smaller font for the playlist with less vertical spacing than GTK/Qt default. OH MY LORD WHY do most linux players default to showing so few lines in the playlist by default?! Banshee, Rhythmbox, Amarok, you're all guilty and it makes you SUCK!

4) It does everything else. Replaygain scanning, tagging, multiple playlists, album list, directory structure list and it plays everything under the sun. I can't think of a single linux native player that isn't missing at least one of those features.

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