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Legal Yesterday morning, we ran an item on the Autodesk case, but we (as in: me) got all confused about what exactly was going on. As it turns out, I was right from the start; despite my update to the item, the case was not resolved. The link in the update referred to an earlier stage of the legal ramblings. However, we now have a real conclusion in this case - and once again, Autodesk lost: software is sold, not licensed. Note: Thanks to Brian W. Carver from Cyberlaw Cases for clearing everything up via email. Much appreciated!
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bizarre thing...
by bsdero on Fri 2nd Oct 2009 12:39 UTC
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anyway, who did invent that "license" for product selling??

Imagine me trying to get a license from VW, just to drive my car... "You can not sell cars, because we are selling u the license, not the car!!!". That mean if I need to drive the car of my gf I must have a license to drive her car too??

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