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Multimedia, AV "There are no current European standards on volume controls for MP3 players, though under French law personal music players must be limited to an output of 100 decibels (db). The Apple iPod, which can reach 130db, was briefly withdrawn from sale in France in 2002 until Apple updated the software to reduce the maximum volume. All iPods sold in Europe are now limited to an output of 100db. The European Commission’s new proposals call for the default setting on all personal music players to be 80db. This would apply to MP3 players and mobile phones that are capable of playing music. However, the proposals apply only to the default setting, not to the maximum setting for the device."
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by xnoreq on Fri 2nd Oct 2009 17:25 UTC
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Wow, I never read so many stupid comments in one place ... well hmm, maybe on icanhascheesburger.

Before you open your mouth, you should activate your brain cells. Seriously, up to now I thought this is a serious place where people write serious comments .. it's such a shame.

Who of you guys actually lives in the EU and has a digital audio player? And who actually _read_ the posting/article _entirely_?

I'm outta here.

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