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Hardware, Embedded Systems We already introduced Dell's new laptop wonder, the Z600, to you earlier this week. What makes this laptop special is that it contains a small ARM motherboard which runs a special version of openSUSE Linux, allowing for instant access to basic functionality like checking email, browsing the web, and playing multimedia files. What's news, at least for OSNews, is that research from Dell has shown that people spent 70% of their time in the Linux environment.
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RE: Meh
by tweakedenigma on Sat 3rd Oct 2009 06:05 UTC in reply to "Meh"
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I do see your point to a degree, But I will respectfully disagree with you. Not on the Right Tool for the Job part as I am an advocate of that myself. But that Linux is not a suitable desktop OS or that most people user there computer for more then just web browsing and email.

I user Windows, OSX and Linux everyday (At home and at work) and as a Desktop they all do an excellent Job all have strengths and weaknesses, and all get the Job done.

Also a big part of what I do is dealing with end users and almost all of them say the same thing, I use my computer for Facebook, banking and Email.

That being said if you want an Application for one that is not available on the others then by all means. For me I need an Office suite, Web Browser, Email Client, Some kind of remote desktop client and Skype to get my work done. All three cover me pretty well and I think you will find that is the case with most people.

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